What are Organization User roles (Recruiter Roles)?

What are Organization User roles (Recruiter Roles)?

Administrator, Editor, and Representative are 3 user roles with different permissions and access.

Organization users (Recruiters) have 3 possible roles.

3 User Roles:

1. Administrator – Access to everything and all permissions within your organization

2. Editor – Can make edits to Organization Profile, but not create new users.

3. Representative – View Only, can operate as a recruiter, access event booths, and view event data, but cannot make edits to booths.

When adding users, if you do not choose "Manually set password", when you click Save, they will be sent an invitation email with instructions to create their account. If you would like to manually set their password, choose that option, and create a password, then you will need to communicate that password to that user so they can log in.

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