As an organization, how do I add Job Postings?

Job postings can be added during the set-up wizard as well as after the wizard under My Organization>Job Postings.

When an organization is going through the set-up wizard, they will see in Step 6 that they can add job posting.  An organization can also add/edit job postings after the set-up wizard by going under Settings>My Organization>Job Postings.

When entering a job posting you will need to add a Job Title.  The Job Title field is a bank of over 5ooo different job titles.  If you do not find an exact match for your job title, you can use the Unique Job Title field.  The Job Title is what will be searchable in the lobby when the candidate uses the search filters.  The Unique Job Title is what will appear when the candidate looks at your actual job posting in your booth.  

You will also need to add the number of available positions, location(s) but the Salary filed is optional but encouraged. You will have the option to list your compensation as not specified, an hourly range, or a yearly range. 

Step 2 will be where you will be adding your job description.  Job Descriptions can either be typed out, copied and pasted in or you can use the LINK icon to add a hyperlink to your job description.  

NOTE:  If you are copying and pasting into the HTML box for the job description and you get an error message that you have gone over the character count, it is most likely not that you exceeded the 80k characters, it is most likely the outside formatting from where you copied it from.  The formatting can take up character space.  If you do see this error message, simply cut the description out, paste it into notepad, notepad will remove the formatting and then you can paste it back into the HTML box.  

Below are photos explaining how to add job posting to an organization.

Step 1)

step 1 job posting


step 2 job posting


step 3 job posting

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